Infinity Expedition - Home of Sea Gypsies | Pacific diving trips and adventure sailing expedition
The Infinity sailing yacht sails around the Pacific, Antarctic and Arctic Oceans, exploring and diving off the beaten path | 2018 Arctic Northwest Passage
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Sailing Adventures


Beyond the Horizon


We undertake remote, off the beaten track sailing expeditions focusing on nature conservation, mutually beneficial relationships with indigenous communities, film projects and personal change.


Infinity is unlike any other ship ploughing the seas today. We sail to places few others dare go and do so as a community complete with children. Meet the Sea Gypsies, our growing nomadic patchwork tribe.


If you enjoy community and like to be in nature surrounded by water, wind and waves, among islands, reefs and beaches and if you feel passionate about Mother Earth and itch for distant shores then join us for a wild inner and outer journey.


Blue Water Sailing Voyages in Tropical Pacific and Icy Polar Regions


Infinity has been sailing the Pacific Ocean and South East Asia since 2004. We have circumnavigated and crossed the Pacific several times with stops at hundreds of islands belonging to numerous nations. We went as far west as the Andaman Islands of India and as far east as Patagonia. We even sailed across the mighty Southern Ocean and along the icy shores of Antarctica.


A voyage farther north then any sailing ship has gone before and a crossing of the Arctic’s North West Passage is planned for 2018.


Many of our journeys focus on environmental conservation, research, community outreach or direct action. Other trips are for film projects or simply about having fun with diving, yoga and personal development.




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