Infinity Expedition - Home of Sea Gypsies | Sea gypsies artist, mother, muse and creative spirit
Sage supports our adventure sailing expedition on the sea gypsies boat with her creative spirit | She enjoys pacific diving trips and sailing with children
sea gypsies, adventure sailing, pacific diving
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 Sylvia (Sage) Livingston



Sage was born in 1988 in Wyoming, USA. She grew up with seven siblings in a Mormon family between Wyoming and South Dakota. As a teenager she left home for two years to live with relatives in Mexico. After returning to Dakota to complete her schooling she realized that her faith in the Mormon Church had vanished. At age twenty she left the confines of her upbringing for a life in Hawaii. This time she took her 15-year-old sister along as a dependent. As she was earning a living and taking care of her sister on Maui she met Clemens and his children Ronja and Ruben. The two ‘families’ moved in together forming the Livingston-Oestreich patchwork family.

Sage expresses her passion for life through her paintings. Her favourite medium is acrylics, ink and watercolours on Tapa cloth, a traditional fabric of the Pacific Islands made from the bark of the Mulberry tree. Perhaps related to her deeply rooted Mormon personal history, Sage’s favourite topics relate to the purpose of life, alternative ways of thinking, and stories about the creation of the world. She seeks what lies beneath the surface, enjoys reflecting on nature, life cycles and ways in which cultural beliefs generate different realities.

She adores her children Rhian and Chloe and her caring way radiates throughout the community on Infinity. She is a creative and talented chef and bakes marvellous treats. At times Sage may be difficult to approach as she can be stubborn, defensive, argumentative, scattered or distracted. She is a uniquely genuine person always meaning well, her friendship is heartfelt and devoted.