Infinity Expedition - Home of Sea Gypsies | A young adventurer on the Infinity sailing boat
Rhian is an artistic and adventurous member of the Infinity sailing boat. Infinity is a sailing adventure with children.
sea gypsies, infinity sailing, sailing adventure
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Rhian (Rhirhi) Livingston



Rhian was born 2011. She is always on the move. Her high level of energy combined with ample curiosity shape this amazing little person. Daughter of Sage and Clemens, she was born on Infinity while at anchor in the Coral Sea of Fiji. Rhian has since logged nearly 40,000 nautical miles (twice the distance around the globe) visiting over 20 countries on both sides of the equator. She loves meeting local kids; especially older boys for good play fighting and games in the water. On board she likes showing off modern dance performances or never ending solo songs. Rhian is currently learning to read and write. She is seeking teachers who dare put up with her challenging stubbornness. Folks that dare get rewarded with playing many fun games and will find a devoted friend and ally in Rhian.