Infinity Expedition - Home of Sea Gypsies | Volunteer sailing expedition in the Polar regions
Pacific diving and sailing adventure | Join as volunteer crew aboard the Infinity sailing yacht as she explores remote islands in the South Pacific
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Polar Regions


2014 Infinity has sailed from New Zealand to Antarctica’s Ross Sea and further across the entire South Pacific Ocean to Patagonia. This remarkable odyssey has been captured on film by Nicholas Edwards, as ‘Sea Gypsies – The far side of the world.


Join Infinity in summer 2018 for the next installment of a circumpolar voyage with an attempt to tackle the Northwest Passage and sail as far north as ice and fate allow.


“Why then do we feel this strange attraction for these Polar Regions, a feeling so powerful and lasting, that when we return home we forget the mental and physical hardships, and want nothing more than to return to them? Why are we so susceptible to the charm of these landscapes when they are so empty and terrifying?”    — Jean-Baptiste Charcot


‘Polarhuller ’(Danish) – The longing for the stark and beautiful worlds that are the polar regions of our planet; the addictive draw of their isolation and immensity and their cruel and hostile environs that promise struggle and adventure.


The Poles are extremes of both geography and imagination


Antarctica to the south, guarded by the might and ferocity of the Southern Ocean, is ringed by massive ice shelves, uninhabited by permanent human settlement and host to some of the most peculiar wildlife on the planet.


The Arctic to the north, a region consisting of sweeping tundra and shifting ice flows is home to a people whose culture of survival and strength mirror and match the vast frozen landscapes they inhabit.


The arctic regions have long held the explorer in awe. Scores of explorers, the likes of Amundsen, Scott, Shackleton, Peary, and Franklin, have braved the freezing conditions and treacherous seas in order to push the boundaries of the known world; often to disastrous ends. Many expeditions have sailed into the deeper latitudes only to disappear without a trace.


Travel to these areas of the world is not for the feint of heart and requires strict preparation and a keen understanding of the inherent risk of unpredictable weather and subzero conditions. However, those that appreciate and respect these dangers are rewarded with a world of unparalleled beauty and enriched with experiences that alter perspective and stir the soul.