Infinity Expedition - Home of Sea Gypsies | Volunteer sailing expedition in Micronesia
Pacific diving and sailing adventure | Join as volunteer crew aboard the Infinity sailing yacht as she explores remote islands, atolls and reefs in the Pacific
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Located just north of the Equator, Micronesia (“tiny islands”) is a tropical region made up of a few scattered volcanic islands and thousands of low lying atolls and lagoons that span from the Republic of Palau to the beaches of Kiribati. Micronesia is far off the beaten track and is a diver’s paradise boasting nature sanctuaries, remote reefs and historic shipwrecks.


With a past that includes colonization and occupation by the Spanish, Germans, British and the Japanese, modern Micronesia now operates independently with close connections to the United States as part of the American Commonwealth or as Free Associated States. While adopting western governmental process and a strong Christian faith, Micronesia still harbors indigenous communities living traditional lifestyles. Royal family lineages and traditional chiefs still hold significant influence with respect paid to ancient archeological sites that speak of expansive empires and a wealth of culture.


Micronesia produced some of the world’s greatest seafarers and explorers. How better to access these isolated islands than by navigating the very same sea-routes that indigenous sailors first discovered via outrigger canoes whilst searching for new land to settle?


Join Infinity in Micronesia to explore where the world first greets each new day and sail between some of the world’s most remote and disconnected communities.