Infinity Expedition - Home of Sea Gypsies | Hosting film projects aboard the Infinity sailing boat
Infinity is the home of the Sea Gypsies film, which documented her voyage to Antarctica. Future films will follow the Northwest Passage, an Arctic sailing expedition
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SEA GYPSIES – The Far Side of the World


In 2014, Infinity sailed to Antarctica as part of an 8000 nautical mile journey across the Southern Ocean from New Zealand to Patagonia via Cape Adare and the Ross Sea. It was to date Infinity’s most daring adventure during which the crew participated in an attempt to disrupt an illegal Japanese Antarctic whale hunt in collaboration with Sea Shepherd.

Nicholas Edwards created an inspiring film about this outrageous adventure and the story of Infinity in: “SEA GYPSIES – The Far Side of the World”. The film won several prizes and is showing at various major film festivals around the world including “Banff” and the “Ocean Film Festival” throughout 2017.

A sequel to “Sea Gypsies” is planned for 2018 with a journey through the notorious North West Passage in an attempt to reach further north than any sailing ship has before. We are currently seeking production partners.



FLASKEPOST (Message in a Bottle) – Season II


In 2016, Infinity became home and backdrop to a Norwegian family film series: “Message in a Bottle – Season 2” (Flaskenpost), a children’s documentary about life in the South Pacific directed by Thomas Lien.


Teaser for "Message in a bottle – season2" English version.

Posted by Flaskepost fra Stillehavet on Thursday, October 13, 2016



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