Infinity Expedition - Home of Sea Gypsies | The Sea Gypsies family
The Sea Gypsies family includes volunteer sailing crew and the permanent family who live on the adventure sailing ship, the Infinity
sea gypsies, adventure sailing, volunteer sailing crew
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Besides being a base for an ever-growing tribe of Sea Gypsies, Infinity is also the home for the family of Sage and Clemens with their children Rhian and Chloe.


It is a unique challenge to keep a sacred place for the core family with young children within the ever-changing extended community consisting of mostly adults. Another challenge is raising children at sea within a nomadic lifestyle in the first place. Life on Infinity is demanding and at times chaotic. Maintaining a relationship while living and working together twenty-four-seven in a relatively small space is not easy to say the least. Other factors like a fifteen-year age difference, two very different personalities with different needs, or always having the kids plus other people around without breaks, certainly contribute to stir things up. The resulting day-to-day reality can be intense and for others at times uncomfortable, as occasionally the aforementioned aspects collide with hot headedness. ‘The family’ is certainly far from perfect with expressions of annoyance, frustration, sadness and anger. However, passionate love for one-another, open hearts and a will to improve prevail. To the community as a whole the on-board family and children offer many opportunities for learning and growth.


“We open our arms to you, our sisters and brothers from other mothers and are willing to share the blessings and challenges of adventure, family and a life at sea.”