Infinity Expedition - Home of Sea Gypsies | Eco projects are a major part of the Infinity sailing adventure
The Infinity sailing boat provides a base for independent groups to conduct marine conservation, Pacific diving expeditions and community outreach projects
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Eco Projects


At home on our journeys, Oceans and islands our backyard

People of diverse cultures our neighbours, Planet earth our mother


Infinity is always available to take part in environmental conservation. We have completed several projects in scientific research, community outreach and direct action (see list below). However, the fight for a sustainable world is far from won. Please get in touch if you want to help or know of efforts that need Infinity.


We are currently taking first steps in building a program addressing a Pacific wide “battery waste crisis”. Lead-acid and other toxic batteries reach Pacific island communities as components of renewable solar and wind power systems. These supposedly green solutions are unfortunately distributed without prior establishment of recycling facilities and lack of adequate safety information. The consequence is that community gardens and sensitive ecosystems become littered with toxic battery waste. Infinity’s aim is to inform Pacific islanders about the dangers of batteries, to promote safe removal solutions and to organize and execute battery cleanups. In parallel we aim to lobby governments and businesses to create responsible recycling programs.


Please contact us for ways to help our ambitious project.


Our Vision


Our vision is a world in which people from all walks of life and reaches of the planet recognize their connection to and responsibility for the Earth we share and the life that exists upon it. The citizens of this world act with this consciousness in mind each day, making personal and collaborative choices that revere the preciousness of our planet and our resources here. We see people treating the Earth not as loot to be plundered but as a treasure to be protected, valued, and cherished so that it can be enjoyed and loved by generations to come. We envision remote islands and their people and cultures living happily with natural abundance. We imagine the oceans teeming with life; the jungles green and lush; the penguins, sharks, and polar bears thriving in their natural environments with no threat of extinction. We see a sustainable world that we can gaze back upon feeling proud of the choices we made and the hand we had in keeping its beauty alive.


Completed projects:


  • 2014 Support Sea Shepherd against Japanese Whaling Fleet in Antarctica, Cape Adare
  • 2014 Direct Action Against Deep Sea Oil Drilling, New Zealand, South Island
  • 2012 Remote Atoll Clean Ups, Micronesia, FSM
  • 2012 Sail Making for Solomon Island Canoes, Solomon Islands, Utupua and Tikopia
  • 2011 Reef Check Coral Reef Community Outreach, Vanuatu
  • 2011 Bird Life International Bird Research, Fiji
  • 2011 Direct Action Against Deep Sea Oil Drilling, New Zealand, East Cape
  • 2008 – 2010 In Fifty Years Climate Change Awareness, Tropical Pacific Island Countries
  • 2006 – 2008 PCRF Coral Reef Research, Indonesia, PNG, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Fiji