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Infinity sailing boat captain for adventure sailing expeditions | Captain in Antarctic sailing voyage of the Sea Gypsies film, and 2018 Arctic Northwest Passage
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Clemens Oestreich


Clemens was born in 1973 in Switzerland. He grew up in rural northern Germany with three sisters. From a young age, Clemens did not fit in well and both his family and many teachers had their hands full with his continuous trouble-making and unbridled curiosity. He first ran away from home at age thirteen and finally for good two years later, not so much because of particular issues but more because of an unquenchable thirst for adventure and freedom and a strong desire to experience the world at large. He started traveling by bicycle, when reaching the desert continued by camel and soon enough found the ocean and his passion for long distance sailing.

At twenty-one, he singlehandedly adopted a seven-year-old boy Aljoscha and took him sailing on his trimaran in Central America, the Caribbean and the USA. Soon after he married a young German dancer, Areti. They continued sailing and had two children together, Ronja and Ruben. A decade later Clemens and Areti divorced and Clemens continued singlehandedly with his children till he met Sage in Hawaii. Aljoscha, Ronja and Ruben are now young adults currently finishing school in Germany. Along his journeys Clemens had many different hands-on jobs. As he lived at sea those jobs often had to do with boatbuilding that henceforth became his profession.

Clemens is passionate about Earth and Mother Nature. He lived a nomadic life for so many years that despite his European origin he feels estranged to western culture and manners. He has many strength and equally many faults. His faults include, stubbornness, hot temper, impatience, dominating conversations and knowing what’s best for everyone and the world at large. He can be overdramatic, pushy, loud and obnoxious. Some of his strengths are empathy backed by unique experience, cool headedness under pressure, a desire for peace, and stamina in work. Folks able to look past his rough edges find a great teacher and devoted friend in Clemens ready to go through thick and thin.