Infinity Expedition - Home of Sea Gypsies | The youngest sailer among the sea gypsies crew
As the youngest member of the Sea Gypsies crew, Chloe brings an adventurous spirit to the Infinity sailing boat. Infinity is a sailing adventure with children.
sea gypsies, infinity sailing, sailing adventure
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Chloe (Kualabear) Livingston



Chloe was born 2013 in Thailand. She has lived her whole life at sea on Infinity with her sister Rhian. She is usually mellow and reserved except when Rhian decides to tease her in which case she becomes a screaming hurricane. Deep down Chloe is a rainbow of light. She is an early riser, loves Yoga in the morning, enjoys working on creative art projects, and is an eager helper in the galley. Chloe has a special connection with animals and she deeply loves her cat Rascal, a little possessively at times. She likes to differentiate between ‘her people’ and ‘others’ towards whom she can be somewhat hostile. However, with a little investment an ‘other’ can quickly become ‘her people’ and those folks that do get rewarded with passionate love and heartfelt devotion.