Infinity Expedition - Home of Sea Gypsies | Propelled by wind to remote Pacific islands. Experience a wild inner and outer journey in our close knit community.
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Infinity is a community and sailing ship plowing the Pacific since 2004. They call themselves Sea Gypsies.

Following the success of the multi-award winning film ‘Sea Gypsies – The far side of the world Infinity is taking their story to new frontiers.

In 2018, the Sea Gypsies will will attempt to sail farther north than any sailing ship in history

The new expedition and film will follow a rainbow of wanderers along a treacherous journey, through the fabled Northwest Passage, to the very edge of the Polar Ice Cap. As the crew ventures toward this place of political neutrality, a dramatic example of the massive ecological changes our planet is undergoing, they realize their responsibility as humans to take care of their planet. On a journey filled with laughter, sea shanties, blood and tears, the Sea Gypsies roll up their sleeves to pursue profound personal change, striving for sustainability, inner peace, and love.


    In 2014, we voyaged to Antarctica and captured our adventure story on film.


    Now, we’re aiming to sail farther north than any sailing ship in history, possibly possible now due to climate change.


    Helm-shifts · Cold Weather · Sail-handling · Ice-watch · Radar-watch · Storms · Fog-navigation · Currents · Rocks · Freezing Water · Ice-removal · Tides


    Sustainable living means cutting into our habits and challenging ourselves to live the change.


    We want to live as earth guardians and change-makers, focused on love, nurturing, and health. Change starts from within.

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Sailing in Search of Peace

The journey begins with one unifying belief: we, as humans, are failing our planet.

If we wish to live in harmony with ourselves and each other, we need to live as change-makers focused on love, nurturing and health. We can no longer live in a state of fear. We need to change, and the change starts from within.

The Sea Gypsies will try, and at times fail, to live that change.

Our crew is constantly working together to identify collective and individual behaviours which contribute to the degradation of the natural world or are a disruptive force to our wellbeing or that of other sentinent beings. We are on a quest to discover what it takes and how it feels to challenge our habits and routines, the ways we communicate, and the love we give to others. From the northernmost reachable point, in some of the harshest environments on earth, our diverse yet united group will embrace radical personal change, and hopefully inspire others to join in, hands and hearts for peace.

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Meet a few Sea Gypsies

Infinity sails with a crew of 21, meet the brave explorers below.

  • Captain Clemens . Sage . Rhian . Chloe

    Despite his European origin Clemens feels estranged to western culture and manners. He has many many faults, children, friends and rough edges. Sage is Musical and an artist at heart Totally magical. Rhian and Chloe are the cutest girls mostly unless they get super cranky. They are super intelligent kids for sure.

  • Andy · Ayack · Peter

    They are the veteran Sea Gypsies here for another epic adventure. Ayack, French sailor, generously dispensing lifestyle critique and psedo-philosophical banter. Andy, an overall salty dog, enjoys swapping stories of past near-death experiences.

  • Nico · Tim

    Our very own filmmakers but they need to be in front of the camera more often because they are so good at being crazy. Nico, Sea Gypsies filmmaker, loves watching other people live creative and alternative lifestyles. Tim, reigning from a lineage of sailors, uses film as an excuse to explore cultures and environments all over the world.

  • Tara · Ruben

    These siblings have totally got their crazy genes from their dad (our very own captain Clemens). The craziness runs in the Family.

  • Paul · Charlotte

    Paul is a sailor and his love/ fiance, Charlotte is travelling with him. What more could anyone ask for. They just love each other.Don't they look so cute together?

  • Diana . Nicolas

    They both are the healthiest beings on out boat. Try competing them in workout schedule. We bet that you will lose.

  • Victor . Gracie

    Gracie is the manifested seventh wonder of the world. No joke. And Victor is a generally nice person who will do everything he can for those he cares for, and even those he doesn't.

  • Anouk . Manuela

    Anouk is the gifted Osteopath fixing all our deformations in our bodies. And Manuela shivers a lot but still she survived all her previous trips to the Arctic.

  • Neil . Saurav

    Neil joined Infinity to advance his hand modelling career and to outgrow domestication. Saurav has an Indian accent and he also keeps us satisfied with vegan recipes from India.

Join us on our journey through some of the most rugged environments on earth